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        This is a panoramic view of the outcrop that is part of our property near Clarita, Oklahoma.  A representive trilobite from the Haragan formation is attached to the right.


             I personally began collecting fossils at this site over Thanksgiving in 1981.  Since that time, I have recognized distinctive qualities about the distribution of the fossils within the Haragan and Bois D' Arc formations at this locality.  Each formational unit contains an abundant and diverse assemblage, which may consist of any number of trilobites, brachiopods, gastropods, bivalve molluscs, echinoderms,  corals, bryozoa, cephalopods, and a number of other classes of marine invertebrates. 


       Certain species may be clustered in discrete vertical zones that characterize their associations.  Much information is still being assessed, and investigation is ongoing as far as recording new observations regarding these relationships.  


         The specimens that become available for sale are listed occasionally within auction listings on Ebay periodically.  While many trilobites and other fossils are derived from surface collecting at the Old Hunton town site locality, many are also from the quarried beds from nearby Black Cat Mountain.  They are generally all prepared by me using an air abrasive machine with dolomite powder.  My stock of specimens renews each year but it takes time to prepare them and although I stay active with this work I am semiretired. That enables me to do other things as well and also to prepare specimens that are kept within the Hunton Fossils collection.


Check out some of the interesting denizens of this locality and also enjoy the gallery of specimens within the virtual museum!

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