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Entrance to the Old Hunton town site locality


  • This is a picture of an exposure of the Haragan formation, with the Bois D'Arc formation lying above.  It is a small portion of the outcrop known as the Old Hunton town site locality within Coal County, Oklahoma.  This site was formally designated as the type section for the Hunton Group.  It has been cited as a source of fossil invertebrates collected for research and identification, many of which are housed within collections at universities and museums.  The majority of this site is located on land which has been within my family since 2003.

      The Bois D’Arc and Haragan formations exposed within the Old Hunton town site locality are very similar to the rocks of Black Cat Mountain, situated to the east. The nature of the bedding allows specimens to be retrieved intact no matter where they are located within the rock. The mudstone character of the matrix allows the rock to be easily broken, and often times just as easily reassembled using super glue, enabling fossils to be recovered without loss through fracturing or extraction. The rock from each of these formations contains a variety of Lower Devonian marine invertebrates that are often found complete. The use of chisels and scribing tools removes the excess rock around the fossils, whereas the use of an air-abrasive sandblasting machine finishes the preparation of most specimens. These fossils can also be pick cleaned just as efficiently with much skill and patience. The fauna and flora upon this “mountain” are as varied and unique as the fossils from the yellowish marlstone layers within it.  I hope that you will find something to enjoy among the trilobites, brachiopods, and other fossil invertebrates that have been surface collected from this locality.       copyright HUNTON FOSSILS 


Check out some of the interesting denizens of this locality and also enjoy the gallery of specimens within the virtual museum!

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