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Dicranurus hamatus elegantus found in situ, on top of slab in place Old Hunton town site

         The pictures within this gallery are photographs of specimens that I have found by surface collecting at the Old Hunton town site; along with trilobites, crinoids, bryozoa, and various echinoderms that I have found from other localities over the years, either through surface collection or mining.  Some of the specimens are unusual and are not commonly found. 


         Included are trilobites and echinoderms from the Middle Ordovician Bromide formation and Upper Ordovician Viola formation of Oklahoma, along with trilobites mined from the Upper Silurian Henryhouse formation of Oklahoma.  Also shown are trilobites and echinoderms from the lower Middle Ordovician Antelope Valley formation of Nevada. There are also trilobites that were mined from the Upper Ordovician Corryville member of the Maysville Group from the Cincinnati, Ohio along with several Lower Mississippian crinoids from the Crawfordsville area of Indiana that were mined around the same time.  That site I found there many years ago off of Indian Creek.  Many additional fossils from specific sites are featured within the links at the top left of this page.


         The photographs were taken with an Olympus digital camera. They are arranged in sets of six photos each.


                                                               CALIFORNIA DAVE


Check out some of the interesting denizens of this locality and also enjoy the gallery of specimens within the virtual museum!

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